Amazon Interview Questions Summary

亚马逊面试问题汇总Amazon Interview Online Assessment Questions(亚马逊在线面试题AMCAT(www.myamcat.comTop N Competitors/Buzzwords⭐⭐ [Experienced]Zombie in Matrix⭐⭐ [Experienced]Critical Routers⭐⭐ [New Grad]Product Suggestions⭐⭐ [New Grad | Experienced]Number of Clusters⭐⭐ [Experienced] Reorder Data in Log Files⭐⭐⭐ [Experienced]Optimal Utilization⭐⭐⭐ [Experienced]Min Cost to Connect Ropes / Min Time to Merge Files⭐... Read More

Google Interview | Phone Screen | Lights Out Puzzle

谷歌面试 | 电面 | Lights Out PuzzlProbleEnglisGiven a binary 2D grid (each element can either be a1or a0). You have the ability to choose any element and flip its value. The only condition is that when you choose to flip any element at index(r, c), the 4 neighbors of that element also get flipped. Find the minimum number of flips that you need to do in order to set all the elements in the matrix equa... Read More


之前看到一篇文章《八年phper的高级工程师面试之路》,然后最近我也在面试,面了有百度、360、滴滴、小米、微博、58赶集、搜狗、瓜子二手车等公司,最后也进了心仪的公司,面试过程中学到了很多东西,所以也想和大家分享一下,虽然我的工作经验才3年左右。 注:下面题目的答案只是我思考和查询资料的结果,并不代表完全准确,有错误的地方大家可以指正,有更好的方案可以提出,大家一起讨论。算法1.反转函数的实现[code lang="php"/** 反转数组* @param array $ar* @return arra*function reverse($arr$n = count($arr);$left = 0;$right = $n - 1;while ($left < $right$temp = $arr[$left];$arr[$left++] = $arr[$right];... Read More