Codeforces Round #345 (Div. 1) B Image Preview

原题B. Image Previetime limit per test1 seconmemory limit per test256 megabyteinputstandard inpuoutputstandard outpuVasya's telephone contains n photos. Photo number 1 is currently opened on the phone. It is allowed to move left and right to the adjacent photo by swiping finger over the screen. If you swipe left from the first photo, you reach photo n. Similarly, by swiping right from the last ... Read More

Codeforces Round #345 (Div. 1) A watchmen

原题A. Watchmetime limit per tes3 secondmemory limit per tes256 megabyteinpustandard inpuoutpustandard outpuWatchmen are in a danger and Doctor Manhattan together with his friend Daniel Dreiberg should warn them as soon as possible. There are n watchmen on a plane, the i-th watchman is located at point (xi, yi).They need to arrange a plan, but there are some difficulties on their way. As yo... Read More