OP here, we believe that the time has come to let remote workers and highly agile teams get stuff done together in a very different and much more natural way. CoScreen is a remote collaboration tool that enables exactly that.

Problem: Pretty much anyone who has ever worked remotely knows it – today’s remote collaboration solutions provide much better screensharing quality and reliability (thanks, Zoom) compared to a few years ago. But it takes the same frustrating steps to connect and to pick windows again and again, only one user can share screens and remote control at a time, users have to ask for permissions to interact, etc.

Solution: By turning your secondary display into your team desktop, CoScreen enables you to share your windows with your peers in a single, natural interaction step by drag & drop. Any windows you drag to your extended screen are shared with your peers. They can share their windows in the same way, on the same desktop, side-by-side, at the same time. Each team member has an own mouse pointer and can interact with all windows without having to request controls. It also works great if you only have one screen and you can also chat with each other via audio.

CoScreen launched on Product Upcoming with a private beta a few months ago with over 300 sign-ups and early testers from small startups to large tech companies. Since today it is in public beta and you can use it for free by going to coscreen.co.

We can’t wait to hear what you think as it’s still an early beta version and while it’s still rough around the edges. Till & the CoScreen team


Find something more at https://www.coscreen.co


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