Install GCC 4.9.3

#!/bin/bas# this script installs GCC 4.9.# to use it navigate to your home directory and type# sh install-gcc-4.9.3.s# download and install gcc 4.9.wget xzf gcc-4.9.3.tar.gcd gcc-4.9../contrib/download_prerequisitecd ..mkdir objdicd objdi../gcc-4.9.3/configure --prefix=$HOME/gcc-4.9.3 --enable-languages=c,c++,fortran,go --disable-... Read More

Got “our configuration does not allow connections to ” while using composer install

Got this message while using the composer install command[Composer\Downloader\TransportExceptionYour configuration does not allow connections to See for details.Just run this commandcomposer config -g secure-http falsThen, go aheadReferrenc[1]. Latest Composer version not pulling Larav... Read More


当使用glide install安装go的依赖包时,会提示[INFO] --> Fetching for ''此时,可以使用git config --add参数进行地址替换,具体命令如下git config --global --add url."".insteadOf ""之后,再使用glide install安装依赖包时,会使用如下形式的命令进行下载代码git clone文章来源:胡小旭 => Git之替换代码库HTTP(s)地址路径成Git协议路径 Read More